Web Design I, Web Design II, Web Design III

MMST131a-c Sequence Course Descriptions

Course Sequence Description
In this three-course sequence, students will learn how to create professional-quality websites using modern open-source content management system (CMS) software. This software is very powerful and easy to learn but difficult to master - this is where this course sequences comes in.

The course series is divided into 3 courses that need to be taken in order. MMST131a is the pre-requisite for MMST131b which is in turn a pre-requisite for MMST131c. Students who wish to skip ahead in the sequence will need to request permission from the instructor and submit work samples.

Early in the course sequence, students are introduced to several content management systems and are given the freedom to choose the one that best meets their needs and circumstances.

Creating working web sites to solve a range of communication and business problems requires some guiding principles. These classes provides students with this framework and the means to put these principles into practice. In each course of the series, students will build two working websites meeting requirements that become more difficult as students progress through the course sequence.

Web Design I, MMST131a

This first class in the series introduces  the basic concepts, issues and techniques related to creating websites using modern Content Management software.

Required website elements covered in this class include:
How modern CMS software works, site backup, media editors, surveys and polls, sideshows, streaming video, site design using themes/templates, web forms and much more.

Web Design II, MMST131b

In this course students learn advanced features of CMS software. They will be introduced to more components of well designed web pages, and will build two websites at an advanced level.

Required elements for 131b include:
Site security, SEO, and site analytics, web fonts, email list management, affiliate marketing and management, eCommerce donations buttons and more.

Web Design III, MMST131c

In this course students will master all the techniques and skills introduced in the first two courses and create two Professional-quality websites containing advanced components including, eCommerce shopping carts, on-line communities, custom themes, search engine friendly links, discussion forums and more.